Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Lost Art of Letter-Writing

Okay, did it ever occur to me that kids now a days don't really know how to write letters? I mean really write letters? I remember reading an article about this recently in the Church News or Ensign or mind is slipping! Anyway, with all of the texting and emailing and Facebooking our kids do, some have paid no attention to actually sitting down and scribbling out a hand-written sentiment! Holy cow! I think a part of mission prep should be "Letter Writing".

So as not to completely "throw William under the bus", we have received 2 letters from him. The first was awesome! Then came the second, perhaps he was in a hurry, but hello! He answered NONE of my questions! The nerve! I am wishing that I had sat with him and reviewed the key points to good letter writing. Back in the day, I would generally sit with the letter in hand that I was replying to, and answer the questions that were I strange? I think not. I did send a little reminder last night of the things we are interested in. This may be a LONG two years of little information. Wish me luck. And, if anyone out there thinks it is important to write informative letters...teach your kids! You'll be glad you did!