Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Trip to the Dallas Temple

Mom and Dad with Grant...our lonely Primary Boy.

The Family-Minus William-at the Dallas Temple

This past Saturday, our ward Primary had an activity at the Dallas Temple. The kids were less than enthusiastic when we informed them that they needed to be up early and dressed in their Sunday clothes for a family outing to the temple. We headed to the temple and met up with the other families of Primary children. It was kind of cold, but hearing the children sing primary songs on the steps of the temple was worth it! We then went into the foyer and sang some more...softly. The temple president and his wife spoke to the kids briefly and then we were sent outside on a bit of a self-guided tour. We snapped some photos and were on our way. Honestly, getting dressed up on my "day off" wasn't something I was really looking forward to either. But, without a doubt, we were ALL glad we made the effort. It was time well spent! I love to see the temple!

Monday, April 13, 2009

"The Eagle Has Landed"

I hesitated to write this until we had absolute word that William had arrived safely in Colombia. We received our first email from him today...from his mission. He's there! Before I go on...is it too much to ask that someone in the mission office email the families of arriving missionaries to let them know that they got there safe and sound??? Is that not what we teach our children to do from a very early age? "Now call me and let me know you made it safely." My kids have heard that their entire lives! Anyway, obviously not everyone sees things my way. So, back to our missionary...he is serving in the city of Cartagena, right on the northern coast. His companion is from Riverton, Utah, of all places. He said it's hot and everyone thinks it's funny that he is always sweaty! He's been stared at and called a beautiful Gringo (I would have to agree), by the same lady. Apparently she doesn't see many North Americans. He loves that everyone is happy. I told Bill that if I didn't know better, I'd think that he was still at college...he is so positive and upbeat. This is his life and he's excited! So far, he doesn't seem to be phased by the different culture. I have requested a longer, more detailed letter next week...we'll see if he listens. I just have so many questions. What comfort it gives me to know that he is safe and LOVING his mission! My cup runneth over!