Wednesday, April 27, 2016

(September 2015)
Our "girl's" weekend trip this year was to Vero Beach. We had visited the previous year with our husbands and decided to do it again by ourselves...Because we had Disney Vacation points available, we were able to stay at Disney's Vero Beach Resort...a nice place right on the Atlantic Ocean...nothing beats a room overlooking the ocean...the sound of waves crashing never gets old.
 In keeping with tradition, we checked out a somewhat local lighthouse.This one was the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, Jupiter, FL.I do remember there being some cool facts about this particular one, but because we visited months ago, I have forgotten them all:(  What I do remember was we climbed all the stairs to the top on a very humid day...which meant, I was ready for the tour to be over about 5 minutes after it started.
 Another selfie under a ginormous tree near the Jupiter lighthouse.
Jennie and I never tire of  vacationing together...the laughter, the tears, the sunshine, the movies, the games, the food, the no responsibilities, the forever friendship.  
Everywhere we visit, we find fun little places to eat.  I took this picture so we would have the address the next time we are in Vero.  We had eaten here with Bill and James and loved it, so we hunted it down again.  It really is just a converted "hole in the wall" style.  Lots of dated tables covered in vinyl table cloths and jammed into what was once someone's home.  Great breakfast food and cash only.  Great times:)

Monday, April 25, 2016

(September 2015)
Bill's niece Alix was married in Arizona and we were lucky enough to be there.  She married the sweetest guy and is now Mrs. TJ Bland.  
 Welcome to the family TJ! What a fun reception...yummy food, great company and fun music and dancing! We are so glad to have made some wonderful memories with the Casper and Olsen families.
 Bill and I had to find some Mexican food...and this little place in Goodyear, did not disappoint. Yummo!
 We drove around the Phoenix area and found one of the Church's temples...this is the Phoenix Arizona Temple...It was Sunday when we were there, so it was closed...It is always nice just being on the temple grounds.  It brings me peace.  Every. Single. Time.  Perhaps because, as a child being raised in San Diego, and the nearest temple to us being the Los Angeles Temple, I have never taken for granted being near one.  Fortunately for our family, every place we have lived since being married, we have been within close proximity to a temple...Provo, UT-Los Angeles, CA-Portland, OR-Salt Lake City, UT and now Dallas, TX.  We are lucky indeed. I do love to see the temple!