Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Because of Him

I have been thinking a lot lately about myself, my life and who I am becoming. I have come to understand that all of the GOOD that I am is because of my Savior, Jesus Christ. The not-so-good is a work in progress and can become good if I allow His atoning sacrifice to work in my life. I get so busy with the daily grind that I often don't stop to think about what I need to be doing to improve on the less than good parts of me. I am trying to recognize the areas that need improving so that I can be an affective instrument in the Lord's hands...I want to do His work. And I believe that deep down, we all do:)

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am dreaming of traveling...so what's new? I have a few places on the calendar...they aren't all far-away, dreamy places...but they are going to be awesome! Next week I head to Kentucky for some girlfriend time...lots of talking...my favorite thing to do with Jennie:) A few days after my return from the state that invented the "tooth brush"...because if it had been invented anywhere else, it would have been the "teeth brush"...:) (one of my favorite jokes), the family (minus William), heads to the Big Apple! It has been several years since we took the kids, so we are overdue:) We already have tickets to a Knicks game and we are planning on seeing a few Broadway shows...Grant wants to eat at the original Grimaldi's pizza place near the Brooklyn Bridge and we want to see the progress on the Ground Zero Memorial...we will not have trouble finding things to keep ourselves entertained...we LOVE an adventure. Unfortunately William has spring break the week before us so isn't able to travel with us. He has planned a "guys" road trip to LA and Disneyland during his spring break...it will be a great opportunity for him to have some "guy" fun before he settles down into married life...marriage is when the adventure for him really begins!
Our/My adventures further down the line...
Utah*William and NaKya's wedding...May
Disney Fantasy...June
Utah*Moving Christine to SUU...late June
Utah*Garrett to Theatre Camp...late July
Florida Keys...September
I think I am a little "heavy" on the Utah thing and a little "light" on the beach thing...maybe Grant and I will have to make a trip to California after we drop Garrett off at BYU Theatre Camp:) How grateful am I that I am able to go, go, go...a charmed life indeed.