Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 1/2 Months Down...Too Many More To Count!

Okay, this whole Houston to Allen commute thing is for the birds! I can't believe that we actually signed up for this! We are so grateful for good employment, but the commute is a different story. We are surviving fine, it's just not ideal. Bill is really the one who is making the sacrifice. He makes the drive twice a week and he is the one sleeping on an air mattress from Target and relaxing in an old camp chair, watching a 13" tv and eating microwave food. Now doesn't that sound fun?! Good thing he works so much and isn't in his apartment for very long. He is a great sport about all of this. We miss him during the week and look forward to the weekends when we are together. Thanks, Honey, for being such a great provider! We all love you!