Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our busy July continues...

Christine turned 17 while she was at Theatre Camp at BYU so we had a little celebration before she left. Our summers get so crazy, EVERY year, during July and she always seems to get the short end of the deal! Sorry Sweetheart. We sure do try to make things special in spite of our busy-ness. She is not a fan of cake, so for the past couple of years she has requested a "cookie cake"...yum!

Bill is such a tropper. Grant was keeping very close watch as he saw everyone but himself coming and going on various trips. He was DYING to go to Six Flags and I had NO desire to go. But his sweet father obliged him. They were at the park when it opened and stayed until it closed! They arrived home about 11:45pm. They rode everything in the park and many things multiple times...Bill is a great dad...so glad he is around to do all of the things that I would rather not do! I stayed home and painted Christine's bedroom! Heaven!

The beautiful scenery of Southern Utah.

Park City and the Alpine Slide and Alpine Gliders...very fun.

Bill wanted to show the boys where he went to high school. It's such a contrast to see HS football stadiums outside of Texas. Our kids here play on astro turf in stadiums that rival some colleges. Grant especially enjoyed seeing where his dad used to play.

We visited the Vuyk's, William's missionary companion's parents in Riverton. What a neat thing to make that connection. Loved every minute of it!

Grant did a project on Utah in 5th grade and was interested in seeing the Great Salt Lake...so we drove out to Saltair! Kind of depressing if you ask me. We started walking out to the water's edge, but it was so gross that I voted to turn around. I had never been out there and don't think I will return.

We walked around BYU campus a bit...so much has changed since Bill and I went there. This is in the JSB.

Cousin Nathan Cottrell came up from Las Vegas to hang out and see Christine's play. Literally, the boys laughed for SIX hours straight! Fun, fun.

Papa and Grandma Casper drove up from St. George for the play as well.



We had a great time in Utah. We did Park City,Temple Square, BYU, Seven Peaks water park, Garrett and Grant have irresponsible parents who only put sunscreen on them once! Needless to say, they got burned. That made for a fun couple of days! We visited family and friends and enjoyed the cool mornings that we don't get in Texas. We shopped, saw a movie, etc. The drive was long, but well worth it. Christine spent 2 weeks at Theatre Camp and loved every minute. She prefers this camp to EFY because of the bonds they make...lots of theatre stuff with a bunch of great kids who share her values. Money and time well spent. They performed "Into the Woods" this year. It was so fun! Christine played the wolf (halarious!!!) in one scene and Jack's mother in another. They always rotate the roles to give the kids lots of experience.
We are home now and band is in full swing for Garrett and Christine. They practice for 6 hours each day with a 1-hour lunch break in the middle. And they LOVE it! Sounds a bit torturous to me!