Friday, June 26, 2009

Hot and Sweaty

Holy Cow! Who the heck dreamed up camping in Oklahoma in the heat of the summer! Whoever did...needed their head examined! Christine and I returned today from 5 days of Church Girl's Camp. We were dripping wet all week long. I was in charge of doing the crafts for the week...thank goodness I got to hold class in the air conditioned mess hall. That was a good thing. Unfortunately, I still spent most of my time out in the heat. Christine and I were also involved in the WOW (Word of Wisdom) Bootcamp...Christine much more heavily than I. We started each day running with a different group of girls...Christine was the youth leader and did a fantastic job. I know the men in our family think we weren't really "roughing" it because we did sleep in air conditioned "cabins". Believe me WAS rough living. We took about 35 girls and really did enjoy ourselves, although I am hopeful to NEVER have to camp in Texas or Oklahoma again in my LIFE!!! It was NOT my idea of a good time. Being with Christine was awesome...she made it all worth the discomfort. I was also fortunate to hang out with some of the best ladies around. We laughed a lot and drank a bit of Diet Coke to ease the "pain' and "drama" of being there...seriously was worth the effort, time and more camping for the summer !!!