Thursday, May 22, 2014

The greatest thing that we can do as
a human race is to see each other the way God sees us: beautiful.
No matter if people have a disease, a handicap, or a burned face, their eyes
say something and most of the time they are saying:
"Look at me, not my trial."

I am such a plagiarizer...This isn't the first time I have COPIED something profound from another blog.  I do not believe in "re-inventing the wheel."  If someone is able to articulate something better than I, which happens every day of my life, then I steal it.  I have been trying so hard lately to focus on the INSIDES of people, rather than what is visible.  I firmly believe that we all just want to be "seen" and "understood" and "loved" and not judged.  We all have challenges.  No one escapes this truth of a mortal life, however; some challenges are obvious and others are hidden.  My heart aches for those whose difficulties are apparent to all who look at them...I just pray that we can all be a little better at "seeing" others, rather than just "looking" at them:)

As part of our Stake's Trek this year, the leaders have asked the youth to prepare a name to take to the temple...the youth will go to the temple a couple days following Trek to perform the baptisms and confirmations.  Because Bill is YM's president, he had his boys over last night for a family history activity.  It was amazing!  There was the sweetest spirit in our home.  It was quite a sight to see so many laptops open to familysearch.  And the best part??? Many of the boys found family names!
 Here is Grant working with Susan Swanson, one of our ward's family history consultants.  She had him clicking and dragging and finding family members who need temple work done.
 In the end, Grant was able to get Hartzell and Hazel McClintic "temple ready".  He will do Hartzell's baptism and he will find a friend, who is a girl, to do Hazel's.  They are siblings and are Grant's great-great uncle and aunt.  Totally cool stuff!!!