Friday, June 10, 2011

A Quick Catch-Up

My best friend Jennie was able to come down and spend a few days with me! We had a nice relaxing few days. She had been neck deep in wedding plans and travel for the previous few months, so a little R&R was a welcome sight for her. We saw some movies, shopped a little and ate out at every opportunity...we weren't short on visiting either:) Friends are a good thing...I just wish we lived closer. Just a short 3 1/2 months until I see her again in Hilton Head:) (Not soon enough)

School is out for the college-goers and for the has been for a little while. William and Christine spent the entire month of May has been nice having so many drivers around! I have appreciated the support. The boys finished the school year last Friday and that same day, William and I took to the highway as we drove back to lovely Ephraim, Utah and Snow College. William is attending the summer term. Christine is staying home this summer to work and hang out with her awesome family! We love having her around.

While we had both grown-up kids here, Bill and I took full advantage of them and spent a few days in South Florida...Singer Island to be exact. We got a great deal through Marriott and stayed at a beautiful resort on the beach...the weather was wonderful...sunny every day and complete with a wonderful southern thunder storm one evening. We watched the storm roll in and out as we ate at wonderful restaurant on the marina...we had walked to dinner that night and were grateful the storm passed quickly so we could walk home without being drenched:) We love sunshine, breakfasting, lunching and reading poolside! We are blessed to have these opportunities to get away every spring! And the kids were well taken care of! Thanks William and Christine!

It is pool season and we are doing our best to get the most of our investment! Just today I was very content as I soaked up the sun poolside with my sister in law, 3 friends and most of their kids...It was a good day. I love me some girlfriend time:)

I will try to shoot some good pictures and post them next time...I am kind of lame...maybe I'll take some at the boxing clinic we are all doing, or the quilting class Christine and I are taking...or of Bill and Grant at Scout Camp....I DO need to post about Grant's Eagle Project that took place two weeks much to do and oh so little time...

Until later...