Tuesday, May 6, 2014

 A perk of my trip to Cedar City, was seeing this precious baby! She gets cuter every day!
 Christine is the president of the "Addie Fan Club":)  Addie adores her Aunt Christine.
 Holy cow! Melts my heart.
 Out of focus, but captures fun! Addie loves to play!
 This is a "mutual admiration society" right here. They adore each other.
 Mom's plate of Mexican food?...don't mind if I do! For a 9 month old, Addie has great fine motor skills.  She can pick up a piece of rice.  Adorable.
 Love my daddy!
 The look of determination.  Addie loves to pull Mommy's hair...Mommy isn't too fond of it, but was a good sport to let me take a picture.
All bathed and ready for bed! Babies fresh out of the bath...nothing better:)
 Christine was honored to sing in the BFA(Bachelor of Fine Arts) Showcase at Southern Utah University.  There were a couple of group numbers and then some solos.  Christine was chosen to sing a solo! And she nailed it!!! Because she was invited to sing a solo less than a week before the performance, I didn't think I could make it...it is a flight and a 3 hour car ride to Cedar City, after all:)  However, I decided I HAD to be there.  It was well worth the time and expense.  She was amazing!
 This is the talented group who performed along with 2 of their professors.
 Brad was Christine's musical theater professor.  She adores him.  He taught her so much and recognized her talents and abilities.
Papa drove up from St. George and William was there also.  We were so happy to support Christine.
Every year the Allen Stake joins with other stakes in the area for a Priest/Laurel Prom...aka "Mormon Prom". These dances give the kids an opportunity to enjoy wholesome music at a formal dance, unlike the school prom.  Grant asked the darling, Macy Christensen to be his date. Cute couple:)

 Grant's dress socks have become a bit of a fashion statement...he cracks us up.  Baby blue with polka dots...perfect.
 Here's Grant with Macy and his best friend Kyle Steele and Kyle's date, Meleny.  Some good looking kids right here:)...and modest too.  Love it!
 I love this boy...just a little bit!!!
 Best Friends
"The group"...they had a blast!