Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Teachable Child

On Thursday of last week, I was racing out the door to have lunch with a couple of girlfriends. I thought I would check my email just one more the hopes that we would have word from William. And to my delight, he had emailed! I sat at the computer enthralled in his words...he had answered most of my questions, and listened to my urging of filling us in on the happenings in the MTC. William has generally been a kid who, when approached the right way, follows our direction. What a blessing that has been. He is doing very well, loving his companion, learning Spanish, "getting by" on the MTC food (translation, not eating much...very picky!), bearing testimony in Spanish, enjoying the diversity of his teachers and having an overall great experience. He has seen only one of the many friends he has there...and hopes to run into the others over the next several weeks. He is kept so busy and socializing and picture taking isn't really on the top of his priority list...but does he realize that I have a scrapbook for his mission and those pictures are important???! I am grateful for his obedience and for his informative email...keep them coming Son!