Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bill is home to stay!

Together again...who's the goonball to the right!?

After 7+ months of commuting to Houston, Bill is home! A couple of weeks ago, he and his boss decided to "part ways". His boss is pretty demanding and unrealistic. He's 40 something, never been married, no children. So obviously, he doesn't understand the need to have a life outside of work. He liked access to his employees 24/7...a lot of Bill's team worked Saturdays and Sundays. Anyway...who really cares the reason. The bottom line is that we can be like "real" together, under one roof, all the time! The hunt for new employment has begun. We are certain things will work out. We are confident enough that we are beginning construction on a pool. We are snobs, I'll agree. I will not go another summer without a pool in the backyard. Last year was a long summer! I, for one, believe that one's own pool should be "standard issue" in Texas! We are so happy to be staying here in Allen. Everything feels so right. So, Bill is ONLY looking at jobs that will keep us here. It will happen. We are sure. Throw a prayer our way if you can! The more the merrier!