Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sharee Rose McClintic

Some of you might already know that my sister-in-law Sharee has been battling pancreatic cancer for the past several months. Yesterday, with her sweet daughter Amy by her side, she lost that battle. It has been a long few weeks as we watched the illness take hold of her body. I was able to spend several days with Sharee and Amy these past couple of weeks. Although I was of little help...I was always ready with a story or a shoulder. Words seem to be my strength...hopefully I wasn't too annoying. I really didn't know Sharee that well, for a number of reasons. It was really a gift to be by her bedside during some of her final days. I couldn't help but grow closer to her during these times. We talked about the life she would soon have and the loved ones who would greet her. She seemed to be comforted. Amy provided much needed peace and comfort for her mom. Sharee passed with Amy and some close friends by her side. She was not alone...and certainly she was welcomed with open arms by many who loved her in this life. Sharee...until we meet again...

Sharee and Allison at Mike's memorial last year...a rough year for the McClintic girls.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's been several years since we have gathered at my dad's in Austin for some family togetherness. Bill drove over from Houston, Grant and I drove down from Dallas (Christine and Garrett both stayed behind because of band commitments), Jim and Brandon flew in from San Diego and Lauren flew from Philadelphia. Not everyone came, but those of us who did, had a great time! We talked and ate and saw Star Trek...loved it!...and played Rock Band. I was certain that the entire town could hear us all belting out "Livin' On A Prayer"! It was a blast! Nothing like having Grandpa on bass guitar, Bill on vocals, Grant at the drums and Brandon on lead guitar! Reid and Clay were crazy good on the guitars! We even indoctrinated Uncle Jim into the fun of Rock Band...He was great on vocals and bass guitar! We also played a game that Reid and Clay invented called "Palm-Palm". It was played with a small rubber ball in teams of two. The object was to hit your opponents in the legs to get them out. It's a bit more complicated than that...but you get the general idea. It got quite physical at times...we were all sweating our guts out and looked forward to resting under the game room fan...too much fun! Uncle Jim and Clay were the victors! I was thrilled whenever I got either Lauren or Brandon "out"...they are true athletes and had serious skills! Bill was insane...tossing Lauren into the wall and removing the skin from the top of one of his toes...he was competitive in a fun way. We laughed and played...great times! My dad is a great sport and had no problem with us playing that in his house! I have considered playing it here...but am certain that the casualties (picture frames, etc.) would be substantial! We are hoping to get together again in the near future. We certainly had allowed too much time to pass since our last get-together.

The Gang after the Rock Band Competition...Reid and Clay's team won!

Sisters...Becky and Lauren