Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mr. Tuba

Garrett isn't fond of concert band...he much prefers marching season...we do too. But we enjoy hearing what the band has prepared for the Spring concert...

Smarty Pants

Grant was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. The standards are high and Grant met them all...easily. He has had a great year academically. He enjoys being challenged and is excited for 8th grade. Great job buddy!

Happy 16 Garrett

The day Garrett has been waiting for! On June 2 he turned the magic age of 16...all wonderful things can happen now...driving and dating! He was thrilled with his gifts and especially happy that his sister bought him tickets to see The Fab Four---a group that looks and sounds just like the Beatles...they played at the House of Blues in Dallas! Garrett loves all things Toy Story so he ordered a Buzz Lightyear cake! Our friend who owns a local bakery did an awesome job! Happy Birthday Garrett!

Eagle Project #3

Grant completed his Eagle Project several weeks ago. He collected food for a local food pantry. What a relief (not only to him, but to us as well) to have it done. So much time and effort goes into these projects and Grant was happy and satisfied with the mound of food he and his troop collected. We live in a generous community.

Uninvited Guests

This is what we saw when we looked out the window yesterday:) It isn't uncommon to see adult Mallard ducks enjoying the pool...but these babies had clearly lost their way. Knowing they could not find their way to dry land, Christine and I chased them around the pool for several minutes scooping each one out with the skimmer:) (should have gotten it on video:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Jackpot

For those of you who know me, you have probably heard me say that I really lucked out when I married Bill. As life rolls on and I observe relationships between husbands and wives and dads and children, I am constantly reminded that I am a lucky girl. Life gets crazy and circumstances change and stress and pressure can be intense. Bill handles whatever challenges come his way with calm and patience...he isn't perfect, but pretty darn close. I am so appreciative of his work ethic and his deep feeling of responsibility to provide for our family. He is dedicated to matter what. He has made sacrifices of his time and comfort and personal desires to meet the needs of us. He is selfless...almost all the time. Such a great example. His dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is never waivering...he doubts not and is constant...such a breath of fresh air in this mixed-up, cynical world. I love him for keeping us all on the "straight and narrow"... and in happy, fine fashion. I appreciate all that he does and am so glad that 23 years ago I hit the jackpot!