Thursday, October 11, 2012

BFF...our annual September weekend away...this time we headed to the Florida Keys.  We actually stayed north in Key Largo, but traveled to the southernmost Key in Key West...
And what would a trip with Jennie be without a visit to the local lighthouse?
The highlight for me was our visit to Ernest Hemingway's house.
The house had the most amazing windows/doors that surrounded the living room. They were floor to ceiling and wonderful!
The gorgeous wrap around porches were to die for!
And there were cats everywhere...over 40 of them...Hemingway loved cats and the interesting thing is that about half of them have 6 toes...a sign of good luck, who knew? This family of six-toed cats has been around the house since the time Hemingway lived there.
Key West...just after we filled our hungry bellies with some yummy food:)
Palm trees and water...exactly what we like to see from our hotel room...Although we didn't get any pictures of our Sea Doo outing, it was another highlight of our trip.  Jennie and I were hootin' and hollerin' and no one could hear us...we even raced...Jennie won...beginners luck+a faster machine...great memories.

Garrett and Anna...Homecoming 2012.  Great friends who met in the Theatre program at school. Her dress was awesome...great looking kids:)
Back in July I finished a project Christine had started...A labor of love for her 20th birthday:) She is our animal lover...beautiful selection of fabrics Sweetheart.