Saturday, December 12, 2009

No Pictures....Just Catching Up

I always hesitate posting something if I don't have a picture to include...but really, it's been a while since I updated this and thought I would take a moment this early (6:15) December morning. I was pretty heavily involved with the massive Nativity Exhibit at church last weekend...not the actual nativities, but rounding up musical numbers to be performed during the exhibit...20 hours of live music. It was a job that my partner and I started back in the beginning of September. Everything turned out amazingly good. We were on our feet for two days straight...and running the entire time. Such a rewarding experience...service is a good thing. No regrets here.

I spent this week getting "Christmas" bought and partially wrapped and packages sent to a few family and friends. Our decorations this year are minimal. Outside lights, Christmas tree and several nativities...the banisters aren't wrapped, the mantle isn't done...heck I haven't even found the stocking holders so I can hang the time or energy. I do have a reason for not going all out this year. We have decided to drive to St. George/Las Vegas to be with family and to see BYU play. We rarely leave at Christmas...but because it was just us for a very quiet Thanksgiving...we have decided that we need to make more of an effort to be with family. It is more work, but never something we would ever regret....the kids are excited to be with family!

Bill continues his job hunt. He's got lots of prospects and has had some interviews...we're just waiting for something to "stick". And it will. We have faith. In the meantime, he continues to do contract work, which is great! We want a permanent position, but know that there are people who do contract work forever...they like the flexibility...I can't see that being us. We like stability and someone else who will pay our benefits...:)

William is doing well. Getting ready to spend his first Christmas in the mission field. I loved being a missionary in Chile for Christmas. We joined with some elders and visited an orphanage. We served them lunch and sang some Christmas Hymns...lots of fond memories. William did say that in Colombia in his area of Barranquilla, the people totally deck their houses out with lights and decorations! The blow-up Santas and reindeer that have moving heads and music that plays if you clap your hands and tons of lights...he said it's crazy. That was not my experience in Chile. We can't wait to speak to him on Christmas Day!!!

Merry Christmas to ALL! Be safe and enjoy your family and friends and eat some really yummy food! And Cindy...if you are reading this...enjoy Hawaii for the Caspers, who are on an exotic-travel hiatus.