Monday, March 23, 2009

Disney Spring Break 2009

We are home and trying to re-adjust to "real" life. We had a wonderful time cruising around the Eastern Caribbean. We enjoyed experiencing the island of St. John...a short water taxi ride from St. Thomas, which we also love. We had great weather, food, entertainment and the kids even behaved themselves. The ship was full of people from Texas (we knew none of them, Texas is a BIG state.) There were also some big LDS groups...30+ friends traveled together from Mesa, AZ and then some famiy know, the kind where the grandparents pay for ALL the kids and grandkids!!!(Who can afford THAT!?) Must be nice!!! j/k Disney is a magnet for conservative folks...good, clean, wholesome entertainment! We surely missed William. He adds so much to our vacations. But we are proud he is a missionary, and doing so well! He certainly would have come in handy during the Disney Tune Trivia game...we did win, though. My kids are Disney kids...57 correct answers out of 60! We smoked everyone! Grant also won playing "Who Wants to be a Mousekateer" with Bill as his adult helper! Christine sang in the Family talent a nutshell...we kept busy and had a ton of fun! Now back to reality. Bill is back in Houston and the kids are busy with homework! We are so grateful for the memories we made and the fun we had together!

The kids on a tower at Castaway Cay.

Bill and I high atop a wooden tower on Castaway Cay. Taking a break on our bike ride.

Grant and Christine were on the Mickey Mania show...they were the "Green Goofys" and came from behind to tie for first! They were awesome!

Garrett, Bill and Grant snorkeling near Castaway Cay

Christine and I at Trunk Bay on the island of St. John...BEAUTIFUL!!!

Bill and I enjoying St. Maarten on St. Patrick's Day! (With the Kids)

A crazy family photo at the "Character Breakfast" on Grant's birthday! The waiters make these silly hats for we look dumb, or what?

Grant celebrated his 11th birthday and these glasses were given to him by Garrett!

Grant, Garrett and Christine at Animal Kingdom