Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Fantasy...:)

 We started out with a couple of nights at the Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Resort...we think we live the "good life" staying at Marriott hotels...well, our 2-bedroom villa at Kidani Village was much nicer than any Marriott we've stayed at...well, it rivals the Marriott Marquis suites in Times Square...we were pampered and felt blessed.
 Behind the kids you can see what the view looks like from some of the rooms at Kidani and also from the resort lobby...we saw zebras and giraffes and birds and many other animals, whose names I can't remember :) simply unreal~
 We spent a day at the Magic Kingdom
 Garrett made a friend:)
 A view of what the lobby looks like at the Kidani Village.
 We made it! On the top deck of the Disney Fantasy!
 Every night our bed was filled with goodies and marketing paraphenalia:) Oh, and a towel animal.
 Bill, Christine and Mom (the adults of the group) ate at of the ship's "adults only" restaurants...YUMMO!
 A little Denzel Washington and Remember the Titans on the "Funnelvision"...the GINORMOUS screen on deck 11 above the pool. Nothing like it:)
 First stop. Grand Cayman.
 That sign says $5.85 for a gallon of gas.  Yikes!
 A windy ride on the tender boat to shore.
 Stingray City!  Look at that was amazing.

 One of our guides holding a huge Ray...we loved it!
 Stop two. Costa Maya, Mexico
 Our servers...Mircea and Ivica...(out of order:)
 More Costa Maya...a real dump of a town:(
 Fun with some of the characters on board...
 Stop three. Cozumel, Mexico
 It was HOT and HUMID...we did a little shopping before we went on our excursion...Mom scored a couple of Mexican blouses, Garrett got a cool backpack and Christine got a surfer poncho thingy:) The vendors could smell us from a mile away...we didn't disappoint:)

 Some Mayan Ruins...this is the temple of the hands??? Interesting...but it was hot and the bugs were biting...ugh.

 We stopped at a beach...didn't take any pictures of the beach area...pretty commercialized:( but we did order some yummy nachos:)
 Christine and Grant riding the awesome cool.
 This group, the Caspians, performed the entire cruise on and off  in the ship's atrium...Christine knows their names and enjoyed spending time with them.
 Stop four.  Castaway we are at Serenity Bay...the adult area of the little island.  Bill and I never have been there in all of our trips to Castaway, so this trip we took advantage of the kids being old enough to entertain and look out for was serene and beautiful:)

 We had wonderful servers...this is Mircea...he was our favorite...he is from Romania and we loved him...his accent made him sound a little like Herman Munster...but he spoke well and was so kind to all of us...We had a wonderful time on the Fantasy and we know we will return again...:)

Gainfully Employed

Garrett landed his first job several weeks ago...and I am just now posting a picture.  He works at one of the local Chick-fil-As.  He is loving the money and when he works with his best friend Caulin, the job isn't too bad either.  We love visiting him while he is working because we get 50% off our food...not a bad deal.  Looking good Garrett...

Another Year Older, And Wiser Too

I tell you, these kids just keep having birthdays! Garrett turned 17 on the 2nd...not a lot of fanfare...just some presents ($$$) a little cake (lemon-jello) and dinner out (Cheesecake Factory)...we did share the cake and ice cream with the Cottrells and the Tanners...thank goodness for friends and family.  Happy Birthday Bear....we LOVE you.

I Love Surprises:)

Several months ago I knew I wanted to be in Kentucky for Jill Jenkin's missionary farewell.  We had a lot going on with the wedding and all, and I wasn't sure I could squeeze it in...but, as usual, I threw caution to the wind and booked my flight.  The really awesome part was that Jill would be speaking on Jennie's 45th birthday(May 27)...well then, of course I would need to be there:)  And it would all be a surprise.  I couldn't even tell James, for fear of him slipping and ruining the surprise.  I walked in their house and Jennie could not believe her eyes...she was shocked and it was great!  I loved being able to be in Georgetown to share in the Jenkin's family festivities...Jennie has an amazing family and it was a blessing to be with so many of them...sometimes these special ocassions just can't be missed.  Jill is off to the great Mississippi Jackson Mission!