Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I have another new hobby...collecting sand.  Bill and I traveled to some beautiful beaches on our last cruise.  I couldn't resist bringing home a small amount.  
 The bottles are fun to find as well.
 Most of the sand was fairly typical...coarse, however; the sand in Barbados was so soft.  It resembled flour.  And strangely there were almost zero shells on the beach in Barbados...also zero sea glass.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad ever...seriously!
We love you!
 The kids always choose the best cards!

 And although these are private messages to Bill from the kids, I had to have record of them...our kids are awesome!
 Grant (aka Tito)
 Sweet Christine
Garrett's reference to "the lion" made Bill's' day.
 High Adventure with the Allen 5th Ward in Arkansas. Dad was there as a leader and Grant went because he loves to camp and canoe...not.  He'd rather be inside in the air conditioning:) But he was a trooper and went anyway.
 Most of the group.
 Another group shot.
 Grant caught the biggest fish...not bad considering he had the cheapest pole and is fairly inexperienced.
 Brother Fett teaching Grant how to fly fish.
 After canoeing in Arkansas, the group traveled to Oklahoma to help with some tornado cleanup from a recent devastating tornado. The guys camped in a field, actually the ranch they cleaned up. 
 This is the "tool" they used to pick up metal. Although visible debris had been removed, nails and small pieces of metal was all over the place. This "metal picker-upper" retrieved the metal bits.  It was hot dirty work, which was greatly appreciated by the ranch owner.
 A view of some of the clean up from the tornado. Those black bags are full of metal and nails.
 The guys standing on ruble that once was the ranch house.
The parking lot of an elementary school in Moore, OK that was leveled by the tornado.