Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Marching on...

Like they say..."everything is bigger in Texas", especially when you are talking marching bands. This was Garrett's first marching competition this season and, as you can see, I had to take two pictures to get the entire band...we are "end zone to end zone". We were one of the last bands to perform but the spectators hung around to watch "us" march...the mere presence of the band, some 680 strong, is a sight to behold! "The best band in the land"...we were awarded a #1 ranking (the highest) #1 drum line and 4th overall....way to go kids!

The band is seated, awaiting the results from the judges...there is a band sitting above them also...gives a perspective on the size of our band.

Texas/OU Weekend

Grant and Dad had a great time at the Texas/Oklahoma "Red River Shoot-Out"! They arrived at the fair grounds early enough to ride some rides and eat a healthy lunch of Texas fried food! Kickoff was at 2:30 and the crowds were massive! It was perfect football weather. Reid, Grant's uncle from Austin, enjoyed the game with Bill and Grant. Although Texas choked at the end...the game was awesome. The fans stand for most of the game, and the bands give a great half time show. This is Texas football at it's finest. If you are a football fan, THIS is the game for you! Thanks, Grandpa McClintic, for sharing your coveted tickets...Bill and Grant had a blast!

Having fun on the rides at the State Fair of Texas before the big game!

Grant wants to be a football player!

Texas Proud!

Reid-Grant-Bill (Check out the fans...Texas "burnt orange" and OU red)