Tuesday, July 2, 2013

South Padre

  Bill and I went on another anniversary get-away.  It was a complete surprise.  My dad made reservations for us to spend 4 days in South Padre Island, Texas!  We were stunned at the generosity. He said that 25 years is a big deal and he wanted to do something for us.  So. Very. Sweet.  Neither of us had been to South Padre, so what a treat it was to experience something new.  Being a "beach snob", South Texas beaches never interested me much.  Well...we loved it!  The beaches were nice, not Caribbean nice, but nice.  They actually reminded me of the Atlantic Ocean.  We stayed in a beautiful condo/hotel that overlooked the water.  The pool was beautiful and we found and awesome hole-in-the-wall Mexican/seafood restaurant!  (We ate there 3 times!) 
 Beach access from our hotel. Obviously this is a "private" access, but there are public access points, which are marked, all down the island.
 We saw this neat sand castle in front of a business on the main drag.
 Evidence that we both were there:)
 "Cap'n Roy's" doesn't look like much, but it was fantastic!
 Every McDonald's should have one of these line separator things...genius!
 This is the bridge that connects Port Isabel and South Padre. Super easy access.
 The coastline outside our building.
 Saturday we rode wave runners in Laguna Madre.  It was so much fun!
 We spent some time each day here:)
 Here is a shot in the evening.
 Just a sword fish hanging out on the street...and Bill doing some advertising for McDonald's.
 This is where the rich people on the island have homes. They are on the north end of the island right before all of the sand dunes. We drove from the north end to the south.  It's not very long but it is interesting. Not at all like the islands we have visited recently.
We had a great time!  Thanks Dad!