Saturday, August 22, 2009

Allen Eagle Escadrille 2009

The annual Band Watermelon Bust is always held the night before the March-A-Thon. This is a time for the escadrille to show off a bit of what they have been practicing for the past 3 weeks. The band directors and student leaders are all introduced and the families of the band members get to try their hand (or feet) at some marching steps. (I am terribly uncoordinated!) And then watermelon is served...well, not to us because most of do NOT care for watermelon! Anyway, we have fun being on the AstroTurf with our kids...we feel kind of special...and truth be told, I think that our kids kind of like having us there too.

Every August the Allen Escadrille holds their traditional 10-mile March-A-Thon through the streets of Allen. This is our 5th year of having children participate and it is still every bit as exciting as was the first year. You can feel the pride throughout the city. High school football is big in Texas and so is high school marching band. We are thrilled to support our kids. Their hard work and dedication is obvious when they take the field during halftime at football games and when they compete in marching competitions. We love the Allen Eagle Escadrille!

Our senior Christine...loving her 4th year playing the baritone in the marching band

Our resident tuba player(aka Gare-Bear)lookin' good buddy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Inaugural Swim

After much anticipation, the pool is officially open! Well, for the boys anyway. I think I might swim tomorrow. There is a fair amount of plaster that needs to be swept and filtered through the pool system. One is left with a bit of a "film" on one's body after swimming for the first few days...yuck, if you ask me. But you know boys...they could care less. Anyway, we are in need of some landscaping and then the project will officially be over. I love the sound of the water cascading over the spa...something soothing about the sound of water. We should have several more weeks to enjoy the Texas summer days and lounge in and around the pool...happy campers are if we could just find a job! :)

Hard at work...

I haven't said much about William lately. For whatever reason, I have really been missing him. Sometimes I just ache to give him a hug...he is THE BEST hugger in the family! He's generally the kid who knows when something is wrong and goes out of his way to make things right. No doubt, he will make some lucky girl a great husband! He's been out over 6 months now...where has the time gone? I so look forward to Mondays when we receive his emails. Most of the time he pacifies me with just enough information...last week was NOT one of those weeks, so he was kind of "on my list." But today he was full of information and he sent these awesome photos. "The work" is progressing in Cartagena. We love, love, love our missionary!