Wednesday, June 12, 2013

 Bill and I have a new hobby...collecting sea glass.  And we love it! I had heard of sea glass, but really didn't understand what it was...nor was I even interested.  On our last cruise, we became acquainted with a couple of ladies who told us about their hunt for sea glass on all of the beaches we were visiting.  We became intrigued, found some, and now we are hooked.  Truthfully, sea glass is trash. Pieces of broken glass from a variety of origins, bottles, windows, etc. The sea and sand take off the rough, sharp edges and leave the once shiny surfaces opaque. Although many different colors exist, we have only found brown, white, dark green and light green.  Serious sea glass enthusiasts make jewelry out of their pieces, or mosaics. I doubt I will be doing that.  We found the most sea glass on Antigua (our first search) and in San Juan on Isla Verde Beach.  Other pieces were found on St. Croix and St. Lucia.  We found none on Barbados and only became aware of it on St. Maarten.  So, when you are at the beach and see people with their heads bent down, combing the sand with their feet, chances are they aren't looking for shells.  They are doing their part in keeping the beaches clear of glass---sea glass that is.  Happy searching.
It doesn't really look like much, but trust me, it is addicting.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

And he is DONE! Garrett graduated from Allen High School on Friday night.  He was one of 1305 graduates. It only took 1 hour and 56 minutes to read all of the names:) This class was the first to hold graduation ceremonies on the field of Eagle Stadium.  Although we were all dreading being outside in the potential heat, Mother Nature cooperated and the weather was perfect...there was even a breeze.  That is almost unheard of this time of year in Texas.  It was a great night!
 Doesn't really look like 1305 kids, but trust me, it is. And there were a ton of people in the stands...looked kind of like a football game crowd:)
 The happy graduate...Garrett is SO done with high school.
 Caulin Tanner and the siblings...well, minus William and NaKya.
 Proud parents...our third Allen HS graduate.
 Aunt Jeni...all the way from Arizona:)
 ...Best Buddies...
 Our great friends, the Tanners
 ...The look of relief...
A sampling of some of Garrett's graduation cards.  He feels loved.