Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life Was Simpler Then

It's a "snow day" today here in Texas...the third in just a handful of days...enough already.  Grant is doing homework, Bill is working from home and Garrett is at work. I, on the other hand...have no life:)  Really I's just less structured than the rest of the family. Because I am waiting for the dryer to finish, and have some down time...I happened upon a couple of blogs written by young mothers.  As I read them, one in particular, I began to reminisce about the times when our children were young and we would spend lazy summers in San Diego visiting my mom.  Oh those were happy times...the climate, the company and children who had simple lives with absolutely zero drama. I long for those times.  Our kids are making awesome progress in their lives, but I have to say that life is much more complicated now.  We try to find a healthy work/play certainly helps to better navigate the challenges that are sure to come our way.

The stresses are piling up at work for Bill, Christine is feeling the pressures of college and work, Garrett is trying to figure out the best course for his life, Grant is having "friendship" problems and worry consumes much of my waking hours---I'm convinced it's a "mom thing".  Coincidentally, we leave for spring break tomorrow!  We'll be sailing in the Caribbean on Saturday!  The calm of the sea has always helped me rejuvenate and refocus.  Those blogs I read...they were a nice reminder that, although life WAS simpler then, there are still daily opportunities to soak in the beauties of life.  Bill and I try to create a calm atmosphere in our home as a refuge from the crazy that happens all around far, so good.  Happy Cruising to us!!!