Saturday, January 1, 2011

Road Warriors

A long drive doesn't scare us...especially if BYU football is involved. Bill was thrilled that BYU had won enough games to be "bowl eligible" and the fact that they would be playing within driving distance was a beautiful thing! Christine flew home from college on Thursday and we were on the road mid-day on Friday. Albuquerque or Bust! BYU killed UTEP so the game itself wasn't great, but Bill, Christine and Grant had a great time! Although we all went, I am a "fair weather fan"...and I mean that literally. If the weather is "fair", I am happy to sit in the stands and cheer. If there is a chance of extreme heat or cold...count me out! Garrett and I went to a movie and out to lunch...we were all happy! Some old friends of ours from BYU married housing have a son who is playing for the Cougars...after the game Bill and the kids went down on the field and took some great pictures...I'm not techno-savvy and can't figure how to get them all on...but here are a couple with Braden mean offensive lineman:)

A request

We had a great chat with William on Christmas Eve. They had a lot planned for Christmas Day, including some baptisms, so he opted for a Christmas Eve call instead of the traditional Christmas Day call. He sounded great and we talked fast...we only had 43 minutes. He is happy and LOVING his missionary work. He did ask for a picture of the family in front of the house...funny that after all of this time, he wants that now. Anyway, we obliged and put the camera on a tripod and stood in hurricane force winds in the front yard...not the best picture, but a great effort. He requested the dog, Smudge, be in the photo as well...the dog who never cared much for William, although he played with her more than anyone else...dumb dog...Excuse the "Ugly Sweater" Christine is wearing...sorry, but I don't think I will be spending money on such a retarded fad...she, however, loves it...ugh...

Ringing in the New Year

We aren't big "partiers", we did play Boogle (I kicked Bill and Grant's behinds), then we watched some football, some "Deadliest Catch", some "David Letterman" fact, Bill and I were in bed by 11...Christine and Garrett went to the Stake Adult dance and Grant could be heard counting down "3-2-1, Happy New Year!" as he watched the ball drop in Times Square...he's a character! We didn't even pop open some non-alcoholic beverage...such lame folks we are... Bill and I were up early this morning though. Bill had to get to the start line of a Half Marathon he ran...Lucky for him it was local and I could drop him, run to the gym, get home to take a shower and pick up the kids and then make it back to the finish line for a picture or two...usually he drives himself and we end up with no photos (we are too cheap to buy the ones the race promoters put on their websites). Bill is a huge inspiration. What a great way to start the new year! Proud of you Honey. Happy New Year everyone...good luck with all of your resolutions...I think I actually might write some down this year...and I might even keep one or two :)

A Little Catch Up

We have received travel plans for our dear Elder Casper. He arrives at DFW on February 10th around 7pm...we are definitely nearing the end. Hard to believe we have come this far. I must say that I have handled the "separation" with patience and dignity...but now I am done...ready to have this thing over. I am certain the insomnia will set in within the next few weeks as I anticipate William's return. It will be an ugly scene at the airport...with all of my crying...I have really missed my sweet son's big bear hugs...they are the best! Less than 6 weeks to go...:)