Wednesday, June 5, 2013

 Nathan Cottrell, Bill's nephew, graduated yesterday from Lovejoy High School about 5 minutes from our house. It was great being there for the event. Aunt Jeni from Phoenix even flew in:) A happy day of celebration.

Just some fun news that I want to have record of many years down the road...the Lord couldn't have chosen a better guy for the "job". (James Jenkins Lexington North Stake)

The Big 1-8

 Garrett woke up to a few gifts from his family:)  Grant did his best to wrap his presents in the most masculine gift bag in the closet:) It is hard to believe that we are the parents of another adult child...that brings the count to 3!!! Holy cow! He has been a joy to our family and has taught us patience and tenderness.  We adore our boy.  Happy Birthday Garrett!
 The traditional 18th birthday gift has been luggage.  It comes in handy for college and missions and life:)
We had a little cake and ice cream with family and friends...The Cottrells and the Tanners came over...always a good time.