Wednesday, January 15, 2014

 We drove 5 hours from Dallas to Galveston for our Disney Cruise!  We stayed a night in a hotel and had hoped to eat at this great restaurant.  It was a long wait, so we went down the road and had us some Bubba Gump's!
 New Year's Eve on the Disney Wonder! Again with this darling family.
 And again with these precious kids of ours!
 I was a bit lame in the photo taking department.  I always think I take a ton, and my kids are certain I do, but then we get home and I find out that I missed a bunch of photo ops:(  Our angel had a different Disney outfit for every day of the cruise.  Of course I did not get a picture of each outfit.  Here is our precious Minnie Mouse.

 Minnie with Aunt Christine
 And THIS is how we babysit:)  She was a joy to watch!
 Sibling love.  These kids sure miss each other while they are apart at different universities. They soak each other up when they are together.  I love that they are so close!

 Addie had her picture taken with several she is with Frozen's Anna.
 I love the ship's deck at night.  It was peaceful.
 Grandpa loves his Addie.  She was Snow White this day.
 We didn't have great weather on the cruise.  This day was our Cozumel day...Grandma and Addie hung out on the ship while everyone else went to the beach and snorkeling.  After they got back, Addie put on her darling owl suit and hit the splash pool.  She loves water, so it was a hit!
 Although we didn't have the best weather on this cruise, it was great being together! We all love cruising and we love Disney...a win-win. Having Addie with us made it even better.  She got a ton of attention...she was great!  The last day coming back from Cozumel, the seas were terrible!  William and I both had to wear wrist bands to help with motion sickness.  I ate 2 green apples, as was advised by a crew member to help with sea sickness.  The adult pool was drained because the water was coming out.  The other pools were closed.  It was crazy! We were an awesome team at all kinds of trivia: general, Disney, music.  We rocked! If we played all together we were a force.  It was fun!
We took advantage of the beautiful sky outside our balcony. 
 I love this man.
 Grant was so done with pictures...can you tell.  The same smirk in both of these.

Grant said he wanted to kiss a princess on the ship...boom. Done!
 We had a good friend take some pictures of Addie in her home studio.
 She is precious! We ADORE her!
 She was so good too!  She is the apple of our eye!
 After Addie's pictures, we went to a nearby park and took some family shots. It was FREEZING! But because we are good, you can't tell. I must say, I love my family...every last one of them!
 And how adorable is this little family? Could they be any cuter??? Look at that little cherub!
And, of course we needed a "kid" picture.  Grant just cracks us up.  We are so grateful for each of our "kids".  How did we get so lucky?  They are the center of our world!
 William, NaKya and our precious angel, Little Miss Addie came to visit! She is loved and adored by us all!
 Three generations of Caspers.
 Grandpa is in Heaven!
 It is a small Mormon world!  NaKya's friend from Snow College, Sister Shari Christofferson is serving in our ward!  She also knew William.  It was a sweet reunion! We love Sister Christofferson!
Playing a little "Apples to Apples" with Uncle Grant!
 Bill and I traveled to cold, snowy Rexburg, ID the second weekend in December to see Garrett in Romance Theater's "A Christmas Carol". 
 Dad and Garrett on the campus of BYU-Idaho
 This little theater is so cool.  It is old, but very well taken care of.  The community arts are alive and well in the tiny town of Rexburg.
 Garrett played the Ghost of Christmas Present.  Now we know that we are his parents, but he was, hands down, one of the best performers on stage.  Scrooge was wonderful too.  But Garrett just has such a presence.  It was a great time!
 After the show...sweaty but smiling.
This wreath was the funniest thing! It is an actual Christmas wreath.  Garrett said it was super uncomfortable.  He needed his sister there to make it comfortable.  She has skills in the wardrobe department.  Bill and I still marvel at the talent of our children...where or where did they get it? The talent gene must have skipped a generation.  Grandma McClintic is coming through them:)
I consolidated all of my sand into one area...hoping to not have to dust it as often. I think I may be it the sand or the bottles I'm addicted to? Or the travel it takes to get the sand?
 I had to share the newest addition to my Christmas decorations.  I have a dear friend who has the coolest ideas for Christmas decorating...her Texas Christmas tree inspired me to do one as well.  Hers is a lot bigger, but I still like mine. Texas proud!

 Papa came for a visit the first weekend in December and we couldn't help but notice the huge height difference between he and Grant. Grant is 6'3" and Papa is about 5'10"...on a good day:)
 The night Papa arrived, the DFW area was slammed with a massive snow/ice storm.  This is a picture of one of our windows...a perfect circle surrounded by ice.
 Bill was so glad to have put the Christmas lights out before the nasty, cold weather arrived.
 School was cancelled a couple of days so of course Grant needed his best friend, Kyle to come over...they had fun going around the yard breaking ice.  Boys will be boys.
 Even in the below freezing temps the pool baskets need to be cleaned out. Lots of leaves.