Saturday, October 15, 2011

an oversight....:)

Bill's parents came for a visit the beginning of August for Peyton's baptism and Grant's Eagle court of honor. We had FHE one night and these are a couple of pictures that never were bad. We love getting together.
Grandma and Papa having some fun with their Texas grandkids for Family Home Evening
The cutest little girl I Little Miss Marra:) I love her.

Riley NOT Jake

Grant has not been a fan of Jake Heaps from the beginning...although he does have a picture with him after the New Mexico Bowl...Jake was the MVP afterall...but this season Grant has nothing nice to say about his ability to QB for BYU...he has threatened to wear a TCU shirt to the BYU/TCU game here in Texas in a couple of weeks...I saw this and thought it was a nice was a surprise and he is thrilled:)

Girls and Boys and a Funny Play

Last weekend I had the chance to fly to Salt Lake and spend time with William. I like to pack as much fun as possible into a short amount of time...landing in SLC at 9:30pm on Thursday and staying at a hotel near the airport. I was at the Salt Lake Temple by 9am for my good friends son's sealing...Jordan Eliason was sealed to Trista Henderson:)I was glad to have been there... I left right after the ceremony and drove 2 hours south to Ephraim and William...(of course I stopped in Draper for a Cafe Rio quesadilla for lunch...Heaven!) William, his roommate Ethan and I went to Miller's Malt Shop in Manti so they could have lunch and I could have dessert:)...a grasshopper shake:) I had the pleasure of meeting William's girl...I really like her. We spent great time visiting...I miss my oldest...he is a joy to me.
Although I am not a big Shakespeare fan, I have to say that I loved The Taming of the Shrew. The play was done in what they call "Commedia del Arte" or something like that...awesome colorful costumes and lots of funny lines...really fun. William was a member of the cast ensemble and also played the merchant...a very funny character. (thanks Christine for the overview of the play...I would have been completely lost otherwise)
Saturday Papa and Grandma took us (including NaKya) to breakfast at "The Satisfied Ewe"...Yummo! Grandma did have a little fall...scared me to death, but she is a tough lady and other than some scrapes and bumps, is fine. We are so grateful to have been there and help...we love her.
I was able to attend a BYU game in Provo. It had been many years since I had seen a game there. I went with an old roommate/friend from BYU..Carie Dalebout...we had a great time catching up and cheering the cougars on to victory. I drove back to SLC and stayed at the airport again...arriving at my hotel at midnight. I was up, showered and gone by flight home was at expensive nights sleep:)
Yes, it was a very quick trip. But what a great time! I have much to be grateful for. And I am so proud of my boy and the life he is enjoying...
Evidence that I was on Temple Square:)

William and NaKya
William, the merchant
The merchant up on a tall ladder...his lines in this scene were funny:)
William, "rockin" his knickers:)
Papa and Grandma showing their support
Our dear friends, The Lipscombs...Ethan is the bearded one and William's roommate and a member of the cast:)
Loving my boy
Outside our hotel in Ephraim...THE only place to stay in town:) (After Grandma's little roll on the asphalt)
Carie and I representing...
From our seats in LaVell Edwards Stadium