Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Garrett Casper-Eagle Scout

We are so proud of Garrett and his accomplishment. He didn't always love Scouting, but he set the goal to become an Eagle and he stuck with it! He started strong and finished strong! He is a great example to us of following through on things and being responsible. What an honor it is to be in his life. His court of honor was awesome. Many friends came to support him. So many nice things were said about him and many tears were shed (mostly by me :), especially while watching the wonderful slide show presentation that was put together by Christine. The whole night was perfect! What a great tribute to a very fine young man!

Christine, Garrett and Grant goofing off...one of the things they are perfect at:)

Garrett had just given Bill the "mentor" pin...very cool.

Garrett and his Scoutmaster, Dave Tanner

Proud Grandparents

Proud parents

It's official...Garrett is an Eagle Scout!

BYU vs. OU 14-13

We debated about getting tickets to the game and now are so happy that we did! Just entering the stadium was amazing! It was loud! We were SO outnumbered! We were the underdogs! But BYU showed up and played well. And WON!!! It was thrilling to be there and share in the excitement. Grant got the biggest kick out of all the OU fans making a mass exodus out of the stadium when it was obvious that there was no way they could pull off the win. It was a sweet moment. So glad we could share it with my niece Amy (her first ever college football game, how is that possible???) and with Bill's parents!!!

Loving the new stadium! Great shot.

Papa and Grandma had a blast!

The kids had a blast!


Here I am with my niece Amy.

The gang inside the enormous Cowboy's Studium

Fun with Papa and Grandma

Papa and Grandma came to watch Christine and Garrett march. In all the years we have been supporting the kids in marching, never have we had a rain delay. With 10 minutes left in the first half, we were asked to leave the stadium. The sky turned BLACK and the lightening strikes were everywhere. It was one of those amazing Texas storms we love! The band and the players were safe inside the school and many of the fans headed to their cars for shelter. We eventually went home and put Grant to bed, fairly certain the game would not be played. Much to our surprise, Christine called and said it was a "go" and they would march. Bill, Papa and Grandma headed out to see the the kids march and to watch the remainder of the game. They loved it! Of course, because the Allen Eagle Escadrille is awesome!!!