Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo Bowl and Halloween 2009

Every year, around Halloween, the band members trade their uniforms in for Halloween costumes. This is called "Boo Bowl". It is always fun to see the creativity these kids have. There is a costume contest and I believe that one of the Drum Majors won for his cupcake costume. I thought the Energizer Bunny Drummers were great as were the kids who dressed up as all of the characters from the "UP" movie...the little scout boy complete with balloons tied to his backpack...very fun! Christine dressed up in Grant's football uniform, so glad it actually got used this season...even if it was as a costume! Garrett was "Billy Mays" the Oxyclean infomercial guy who died. He was a perfect Billy Mays...we even died his hair black. The best part of the night was watching Christine march in Grant's "too big" football cleats. It was a great night...and we kicked the snot out of Plano East! That always feels good :)

Grant insisted on Trick-or-Treating this we all tagged along. Who doesn't enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood on a crisp Fall evening? Plus, the houses in our area are too spread out, so we don't get many (any!) trick-or-treaters, thus no need to hang around and pass out candy. Therefore, we headed back to our old stomping ground. We all went, plus Shanette, a friend of Christines. In case you were wondering, Grant is a "dead John Lennon". How does he come up with these things??? I am glad that no one hasseled him about being too old to collect candy...he really is only 11, although he looks like a 15 year old. Poor baby!

This Is It

This morning we went to see the "movie", "This Is It". I must admit that I wasn't sure what to expect, but the kids wanted to go, so Bill and I tagged along. Can I just say that I loved it! I have never really been a big Michael Jackson fan, although I have loved a lot of his music over the years and as a kid I LOVED the Jackson5. The entire movie was clips of rehearsals of his concert tour...clips shot from April-June of 2009. They did a little part on the Jackson5...singing "I'll Be There" all-time favorite Jackson5 sent me back to my childhood, a happy part. I loved the "Thriller" clips. I don't care what you think of "MJ", as they referred to him, but you have to admit that he was a musical genius. A truly amazingly talented human. I thought it was pretty inspiring yet tragic at the same time. Even though there is a fair amount of "crotch grabbing", I would definitely recommend this movie...we really enjoyed the glimpse of this amazing musician.

Seniors 2010!!!

On Friday mornings when the Allen Eagles play at home, the high school has a HUGE pep rally. I remember our pep rallies when I was in high school, they didn't even compare to the enormity of these! Most of the fun for us is seeing the band march down the main hallway of the school. I know that I am a big boob...don't have them, just am one...but the band moving through the massive hall, always moves me to tears. It is so amazing to watch. I am one proud band parent! The band files into the enormous gym and the student body and staff follow them. The band plays, the National Anthem is sung, cheerleaders cheer, dancers dance and fun is had by all. Being that our football team is the defending State Champs, there is added enthusiasm for the if Texas Football needed increased enthusiasm.

One of the many traditions here in Texas are "Senior Jeans". Girls spend many hours the summer before their senior year, designing and crafting unique jeans. Here is our resident "Senior" in her custom crafted pair! We think she did a great job. The senior girls wear them for every home football game. Christine wore hers for the last time yesterday...secretly she's glad to never have to put them on again. Truth be told, they are a bit of a pain...kind of delicate. Anyway, I think it's a fun tradition. And she looks darling wearing them! (Just a bit biased, I am.)

The Friday night game was also "Senior's Night". All of the seniors who are a part of the escadrille or on the football team are recognized...notice the flower Christine is wearing...that is in honor of being a senior.