Monday, March 18, 2013

 Dad and Garrett are London-bound for Garrett's spring break and his senior trip...Lucky, Lucky boy!  DFW-LHR
 Their general means of transportation was "the Tube"
A quick, uneventful, yet necessary trip to Abbey Road...not really that big of a deal:(
 A London staple...their cool telephone booths.
 Evidence that Dad was actually there also:)
 Another staple of London...guards...this one, however, looks like a fake.
 Church at the Hyde Park Building
 One of the many shows they was a ton of fun, especially because they sat in the 4th row, aka "the splash zone"...say what?  Thought that only applied to SeaWorld.
 Windsor Castle
This is where archers would shoot their arrows from...not sure of the name...and archer's window maybe?
 This was once the mote that protected the castle.  It is now well-manicured lawn.
Garrett at Windsor Castle
After 11 years, 4 children, 1 husband and thousands of dollars, the Caspers are officially finished with the orthodontist! The running joke at our ortho's office is that one of the wings of their office building is named for our family:) So glad to have this chapter of our lives closed!