Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cruising... Down the Highway

We are making our annual pilgrimage to Utah...for one reason or another, we always seem to head to the proverbial "Zion"...this particular trip consists of Garrett, Grant and myself. Garrett will be dropped off at BYU on Monday for a 2 week theatre camp. Grant and I will find some mischief to get into, and then end the week in St. George. At the crack of dawn on Friday we will pick Christine up at McCarran Airport in Vegas and head south to San Diego. We are most excited to spend some time with family and see the beauties of my hometown. Then we will hit the road and travel 12 hours back to the SLC Airport to pick Bill up...he will fly in to enjoy a couple of days of R&R and to see Garrett's final performance at BYU. William will be done with his summer term at Snow and be able to travel back to TX with us for a few weeks before Fall semester starts...It will be a crazy couple of weeks...that's just the way we roll.
Pictures to come:)

Old Age or Over Activity?

Editor's note:  I wrote this about a year ago and never posted it...not sure why.  Perhaps because today I am really feeling the affects of age:)  Not sure if it is my groin or, once again, old age, but after sweating my head off on the elliptical machine, I'm not moving like I should...:(

I did some of this...

Followed by some of this...(not me in the photo...)

And now I am wasted! I would like to think my lack of energy and enthusiasm is due to pushing my body...unfortunately, it may be age related:( I keep telling myself that this old body has to hang in there for many more years to come...I have lots of traveling to do and lots of grand babies to love. I think I will get up off my ample behind and find something productive to do. Chao~