Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break 2011

It was a crazy, yet fun couple of weeks. William and Christine had Spring Break the week before Garrett and Grant. Of would have been too easy to have had the same week off. But I was up to the challenge of orchestrating a vacation to satisfy everyone. It took some doing, but I got it arranged. I flew to Orlando and met William and Christine, who had flown in from Salt Lake. We spent some time at Downtown Disney that night and then the next two days were spent at amusement parks. Christine was excited to see the new Harry Potter area of Universal...the Hogwarts ride was insane! The second day we spent at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Christine auditioned and made it on their American Idol Experience. It was simply amazing to witness. She has a beautiful voice and a TON of guts! I stand in awe that she has the confidence and ability to sing like was a proud moment. Bill and the boys flew in Wednesday night just in time to catch some sleep before heading to the Disney Cruise Terminal at Port Canaveral. We did a 3-night cruise with everyone and then William and Christine flew back to Utah and Bill, the boys and I got back on the Disney Dream for another 4-night cruise. We are hopelessly addicted to cruising...I can think of worse addictions, so no intervention is necessary:) You might be thinking that our trip would be over after the second cruise...wrong. We decided that since we were in Orlando, we might as well take advantage of visiting a off to Hollywood Studios again. Disney loves families like us. It was a great trip. But we were actually ready to come home and do something besides nothing:) I did read 2 books while we were gone. Nothing like sunshine, relaxing and NO household chores:)