Thursday, May 24, 2012

Follow the Signs

A few weeks ago, Bill and I traveled to Utah to deliver a few random things for the soon-to-be-married William and NaKya.  We wanted to arrive in time to be in the temple with them when NaKya went through for the first make this happen we would need to leave on a Thursday night and drive straight through...19 or so hours.  We loaded a U-Haul trailer and pulled out of our driveway about 7pm.  We switched off driving and made great time, stopping only for gas and to use the restroom.  William and NaKya were going to meet us in Cedar City at their storage unit...everything was falling nicely into place.  We were following a little different route because we had never traveled from Texas to we let the GPS do the navigating...and then, there it was.  A big sign that said "Road Closed", followed closely by another sign which read "All Roads Open" of course, we continued on down the "road closed/all roads open" road.  We came to at least 4 gates that said "road closed", but half of the gate was always wide of course, we continued did seem a little odd that we never saw any traffic...I mean NONE.  The temperature was dropping...when we left Dallas, it was about 85 degrees...our car was registering about 42 degrees as we traveled up the "road closed/ all roads open" canyon road.  Once we started our decent into what we hoped would be Cedar City...the tire pressure on one of the tires dropped drastically and in less than a minute we were sitting on the side of the road with a completely flat tire...did I mention all of the snow around us?  And did I mention we were dressed for summer...not a jacket in sight?  Our car is pretty new and we had not changed a tire on it since we bought it...after consulting the owner's manual a few times, Bill was able to lower the spare and eventually change the tire...holy cow what a process! I need to mention that I am married to the most patient guy ever...he kept his cool perfectly which made a potentially miserable situation bearable:) This story could really go on for a while...I will cut to the chase...we did not turn around even at that point...we continued until we came to a concrete barricade, talked to a worker who was finishing up for the day who said the road was CLOSED, shocking, I know---he said the mountainside had covered the was in fact impassable:)...lucky us...dumb Bill got to back the rather large, YukonXL, pulling a U-Haul trailer up several hundred feet to a "pull-out" so we could turn around and get off this "definitely CLOSED road".  (Did I mention that we had no cell service during this delay and that William and sweet NaKya were waiting and worrying in Cedar?)  Anyway....about potentially going on forever...we did finally make it to Cedar City...3-4 hours later than planned...unloaded the stuff...returned the U-Haul and made it to St. George in time for some Cafe Rio and a nice night's rest, followed by a wonderful day at the St. George Temple...the moral to the story?...if the sign says "Road Closed"...the road is probably closed:)

Trying to figure out how to drop the spare tire from underneath the dang car:(
Making progress:)
The reason for the trip:) priceless.

New Family Addition

Here is what the new and improved Casper Family looks like...not bad, if I do say so myself:)

More Blessings in My Life

I totally neglected to mention several others who flattered us with their presence at William and NaKya's wedding...we definitely felt loved.
Uncle Jim got up early and drove from San Diego
Aunt Armida and Uncle Terry also drove from San Diego
Aiden, Uncle Chris and Aunt Jeni drove from Phoenix
Uncle Jared and Aunt Juli drove down from Orem
Sophaia came with her parents from Orem
Uncle Ronnie and Madelyn drove down from West Jordan
Nick came with his dad and sister from West Jordan
This classy couple made the long trek from the west side of St. George:)
Greg Jacobsen (Bill's best friend from HS and college) drove from San Diego
Chris Tryon drove down from Provo
Ethan Lipscomb drove from Ephraim and Tryell Jones from Joseph
Olivia and her dad, Jacob came with their mom from the San Bernardino area
The Neeley's came from Grand Junction, Colorado
John and Allyson Omdahl drove down from Lindon

See, no one, with the exception of Papa and Grandma, lived close, yet they all traveled for us...and they were all smiling:)  We have been blessed with an amazing group of friends and some pretty cool family members.  Texas is a long way away from many of the people we love but it is wonderful knowing that for the special times in life, we can gather together.  My only regret is not being able to sit and visit at length with each and every one of know, sit in a quiet booth somewhere, sipping a Diet Coke and sharing stories...I have learned that I am not good at "working a room."  I'll have to improve on that before the next wedding reception:) Thanks so much everyone.  You all made the celebration so much richer.  We love you.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


These are our new there an unwritten rule somewhere that says in-laws shouldn't be friends?  If so, then Bill and I intend to break that rule in a big way!  We LOVE our daughter-in-law's parents, Cami and Dustin Nelson.  We were blessed to have them stay with us for a couple of days while they were in town for the newlywed's open house.  They are awesome! We feel blessed to add them to our short list of great friends.  William is fortunate to have them in his life...we are happy to share our sweet boy with them...I think we will have no problem being one big, happy, eternal family:)


Seriously.  I have the best friends in the world...probably everyone thinks that...but in my case, it is the absolute truth.  I wasn't fortunate enough to be blessed with a sister, so Heavenly Father sent me wonderful girlfriends:) A couple of weeks ago when William and NaKya were married, I was a little sad because I knew that I wouldn't be in the temple with much family...when my cousins from California walked in, I was in my old age, tears come regularly...but I was deeply touched that they would make the drive to support our family. I love them dearly. Thank you Kathy, Kristie, Julie and Megan.  And then came my dear friends traveled from Kentucky, Texas, California and one lived close.  I felt loved...and remember, it is always all about me:)  I recognize the sacrifice of time and money they all made. And I was so very grateful. Much love and thanks to Jennie, Emily, Michelle, Jana, Ashley, Jana and Nancy...As the years roll by, I am acutely aware that "being present" is so important.  I used to miss events...I am trying to make "being present" a bigger priority.  I love my family and friends and the efforts they all made to be with us in St. George...their love is etched in my memory forever...
Kristie, Megan, Kathy and Julie
Michelle and Nancy
Ashley, Olivia and Jana
Emily Forsgren and Jennie