Friday, February 26, 2010


Christine and I spent last weekend in Utah on a Snow College trip. We were only in town for 2 days and tried to pack a lot into our time. Christine spent the night with her assigned "ambassador" at Snow. They took a tour of campus, ate dinner at "Roy's", a local pizza joint-complete with a performance by the Polynesian Club, attended "West Side Story", a play on campus, and then headed back to the ambassador's apartment for a movie and some "girl fun". I spent the night in the luxurious Willow Creek Inn...the ONLY hotel in the town. Nothing like a little Subway sandwich, the Olympics and a good book to help pass the time. I woke up to many inches of snow...I needed a push-broom to clean the snow from the car. It was kind of cool though. I got Christine and we headed to Provo to meet some dear friends for lunch. In fact, we spent the day visiting a few of our favorite people in Utah County. We spent Saturday night with my best friend from high school...Lorie Creek. For me, that was the highlight...nothing like several hours of trips down memory lane...very fun. The really cool part of being with the Creeks, was that Christine, who had never met them before, said that being at their house was the best part of her trip. That's how cool Lorie and Chris and Kyle are. I loved seeing John and Sue Vunder, Lorie's parents too. The visit was pretty emotional for me. Sue and my mom were very good friends. I hadn't seen her since Mom passed away...every now and then I "lose it" when I am reminded that Mom is gone...such a dang bummer. Anyway, the trip was fast but fun. We didn't have enough time to take care of college time to tour on-campus housing, or the institute or BYU's Study Abroad office (an entirely different subject), but nothing that can't be handled over the internet. I hope Christine will be happy in's a tiny campus. She should be fine....crazy to think she will be off to college in a few short months.