Tuesday, March 10, 2009

William and another old friend from Wymount Days...James Jenkins.

Zone 50 District D (They are one tall district...William is 6'2"+)

William and Ethan Lipscomb...friends for 14 years and roommates at Snow.

William and Braden Kinard...they used to play together when we lived at Wymount Terrace...17 years ago!

Pictures from the MTC

William sent us a tape recording of himself from the MTC. It was so good to hear his voice...I keep replaying the tape...it's like having him close. He's having a great time...he's so happy. A lot of his friends in his zone also added their "hellos". He loves his companion and his district. He even had an old friend say "hi"...so much fun!!! He also sent his memory card from his camera. It is neat to put faces with names he has mentioned. Here he is with his companion, Elder Barazoto from Arizona.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Crazy One!

Grant was a little sad that I titled a post "one dedicated child" and it wasn't him...he is our crazy kid! We NEVER know what might come out of his cute little mouth. Sunday dinners at our house are usually times when he comes up with the craziest stuff. He once said that when Bill and I are old, Bill will need to lead me around by a leash! Whatever that means!? Believe me, we try not to be shocked by the things he comes up with, we just try to move on...he is the light in our family. When we decided to have a fourth child, way back when...we wanted a sister for Christine. We were blessed with Grant instead and have been grateful for him. He brings much joy and laughter to our family. He is so cute. He signs all of the letters he writes to William "with love and laughter, Grant". He is full of both of those things.

Another Eagle Project... DONE!

Yesterday we spent a good part of the day supporting Garrett in his Eagle project. He participated in our Stake's Emergency Preparedness Fair by running the Child ID booth. It was a huge success. He had hoped to do about 100 ID cards and ended up weighing, measuring, fingerprinting and photographing 203 kids! With the help of members from his scout troop, his scoutmaster, his sister, brother, mom and dad, we worked tirelessly for 3 solid hours. We were beat, but it was a great cause. Garrett was tired but felt great accomplishment when it was over. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner to celebrate. The paper work is about done and Garrett has earned all of his merit badges, plus 5 extra, needed for the rank of "Eagle". We are proud of him and relieved that we only have ONE more son to move through this program...hooray!