Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Phonecall from Elder Casper

What a Mother's Day! The alarm sounded at 6:30am followed by a quick shower. I reviewed the lesson I would be teaching in Relief Society and then choked down a couple of bites of oatmeal. The kids and Bill gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some awesome Brighton jewelry. Then it was off to Church. The talks were great and the women all received a cute little potted plant...chocolate is ALWAYS my first choice, but a flower is easier on the hips. The lesson was finally over and then I began to focus on the clock! William was calling at 3:30. He called my cell phone because he couldn't remember our home number...since we moved last June, Christine is our only child who has memorized our new number...duh! Anyway, we spoke for about 40 minutes...the time went WAY too fast. He sounds great! He's eating mango, rice, and sugar cane! Drinking lots of water and juice! I told him he had better be brushing his teeth! He's lost a bit of weight...that's what happens when you live in a sauna! He's had a couple of baptisms and has more planned...things are going well. I hated talking on my cell phone with the speaker on. I will be investing in new phones, good ones with an awesome speaker...any recommendations??? I do have some time...we won't be talking to him until CHRISTMAS!!! That seems forever away! What a great Mother's Day gift. We are blessed. I am content!