Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We've done some coming and going over the past few weeks.  I'll try to highlight a few of the things we've done:)
The night before Grant left for Spring break, we all went to's an indoor sky diving place. I must admit, it was a blast! Everyone was cool with doing it except me...but I took several deep breaths, and it was so much fun! This was celebration for Grant's 16th birthday, which actually happened on his trip and without his parents:(

 Grant went on a cruise with his best friend's family.  Initially, Bill and I said "no way!" We kind of like to go on trips with our kids, especially big things like this.  After much contemplating, we relented.  We love the Steele family, and knew they would take great care of him.
 Here they are jumping for joy as they entered the gang way to the Oasis of the Seas.
 Sadly, Grant turned 16 without us:( The Steeles continued our family tradition of decorating with wrapping paper.  Grant doesn't seemed thrilled.
 Celebrating at dinner...Grant's not a huge fan of the dining room menu on most cruises.  I am sure he was itching to get out of the dining room and find some pizza! (Kyle's mom, Petrina, is Grant's 2nd mom...he loves her!) Thanks Steele Family for being such a great influence on our sweet son!,
 While Grant was gone, I flew back to Las Vegas with Christine, who had been here for her Spring break.  We then made the 3 hour drive north to Cedar City to visit William, NaKya and Addie!
 Here is our precious little Miss Sunshine! She is a blast!
 She is a people person. I sat on the floor mostly and she crawled over and around me. She loves attention. I could not get enough of her.
 Precious, precious baby.  Of course I am biased, but she really is a beautiful baby...beautiful skin, eyes, smile, disposition...the whole package.  She's a perfect blend of her mom and dad:)
 Sadly, I had to return home...this is an unsafe picture I took while driving...dumb, I know. I was driving through my favorite stretch of road, the Virgin River Pass, between St. George and Las Vegas. I was bummed because they are doing construction and the road narrowed to one lane...and I had to drive slow...such a bummer.
 When I arrived home, this visitor was waiting for me! Actually she had arrived a couple hours ahead of me and was sound asleep when I rolled in.  Jennie stayed for 4 days and we shopped and lunched and dinnered and pampered ourselves and saw a movie and was some great girlfriend time.
 This past weekend I spent in Seattle with these two little love birds. Tyler and Mallory (Tryon).  It was a wonderful weekend.  I was happy to be's fun to travel for these special occasions.  We have known the Tryon's since moving to Texas, almost 16 years ago.
 The happily married couple (30 minutes)
 Another happily married couple (26 years)
 A most beautiful place!
 I ventured to the water in Seattle and to this wonderful place to eat.  I ate the most incredible clam chowder and a grilled salmon BLT! So very good!
Proof that I was actually in Seattle.  I think this qualifies as a "selfie".