Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To Bogota and Beyond

How fun it was to talk to William on Monday when he called from the SLC airport. He was finally out of the MTC and would soon be on his way to Colombia...not so fast! He called again to let me know that they were headed BACK to the MTC!!! Their flight from SLC was 2 hours delayed and they would miss their connection at JFK. So they were re-booked on a flight that would leave Tuesday morning and then connect through Atlanta and then on to Bogota. Originally they were to meet up with missionaries from the Colombian MTC and then they would all take the 1 1/2 hour flight north to Barranquilla. Since they left a day late, we aren't certain if they stayed the night in Bogota, or boarded another flight on Tuesday night for Barranquilla. William's district was bummed that they had to return to the MTC on Monday, but the good news was that they were able to "pick up" Elder Yates who was the only member of their district who had not received his visa in time to travel on Monday. His visa came on Monday and he was ready to "rock" on Tuesday...a great day for them all! Can you even imagine being the only missionary left behind??? Brutal! We are hoping to have word soon that he arrived and all is well. In the meantime we are assuming that "no news, is good news." He sounded great and I loved the time we had to visit. If it is possible, he sounded more grown up! William is a blessing to our family.