Monday, September 19, 2011

Seven years and counting...

Jennie and I took our annual trip this weekend...for 7 years now we have been leaving our families behind to enjoy some good, old-fashioned girlfriend time. Our activities usually involve laughter, sight-seeing, food, movie-watching and this year we did something new...we threw in some exercise just for the heck of it. The first morning I was up before 5am and actually wanted to run...I was obviously out of my mind. The sqeaking of my shoes woke Jennie and she soon joined me...the good work out help to cancel out some of the poor food choices I made that day...and the days after. We also took a wonderful bike ride through an adjoining neighborhood...I loved the cool mornings in Hilton Head...we didn't really have much sunshine and no pool time to speak of, but we did see some cool sights...friends are so important...I count myself blessed by mine. Thanks for a great trip Jen.

BYU vs Texas

Grant's pre-game snack...fried pickles:)
Seats up high in the shade with Texas fans...
Texas Proud!
Bill and Grant traveled south to Austin for another game...lucky guys. BYU wasn't as successful this time around...but they still had a great time. One of these days I think I might figure a way to join in on the fun...I don't really enjoy sitting at home, watching by all of the yelling cheering scares the dog.

Look what I got in the mail!

For all of my blogger friends, I think you will be interested in this...go to and have them make you your very own book! It's pretty cool. My family loves it too. It's a great way to preserve our blog in a more tangible way. I haven't been good about keeping a family journal, and this is just the same...let me know if any of you actually go through this company, or if you have an even better option...chao...