Monday, February 28, 2011

A much overdue post...William is Home!!!

Our much-anticipated reunion came on Thursday, February 10th, just after 7pm. We were so happy to finally wrap our arms around Elder Casper! He had traveled many miles and many hours from Colombia...he was tired but happy to see everyone. The Colombian sun had been good to him...and the people fed him well. I think he has grown some...spiritually and physically. It is a bit surreal to have a child return after such a long separation. He has changed and I am sure we have too. In fact, William mentioned that everyone looks bigger and that Bill and I look older---thanks Bud:) Time does march on...William spoke in Church on the Sunday after he returned. We were glad that Grandpa and Susan made the drive up from Austin. William's Spanish is good and thank goodness Bill and I speak Spanish too. It comes in handy when William forgets an English word. He was home for 2 weeks and is now off to Utah and Snow College again. Today was his first day of mid-semester classes. He was anxious to start "doing something" again. The adjustment back into "civilian" life can be painful. Hopefully William will adjust quickly and with little "discomfort". He is at Snow with Christine...hopefully they will be able to balance each other out...William can encourage Christine to have some fun and Christine can encourage William to focus on his studies:) We are hopeful.
Some very happy parents:)

The Caspers---Texas and Utah:)

The Cottrells

Papa and Grandma Casper

The Wrights...Jana, Logan, Gabbie and Connor

William's "First Supper" in the States...On the Border

We got home late on Thursday, so we took a picture under the banner Friday morning!

Spending a little time with Grandma Casper