Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Just Hanging

Grant and I returned home from Utah over a week ago after getting Christine situated in her apartment in Cedar City. We also spent some time with the newlyweds...they seem to be adjusting just fine to married life:) We had planned to visit, Universal, Magic Mtn., Sea World, La Jolla Shores, Seaport Village....etc., but I felt like heading home instead:(  Garrett was sitting home, not working the hours I had hoped---plus, we had been gone for 2 weeks in June to Flordia.  I just wanted to be in TX...(I must have been ill:)  So we stayed an extra day in St George with Papa and Grandma and then Grant and I got in the car and headed back across a not so pretty part of the US on our way home to the Lone Star State...and here we are.

So the boy's summer break will come to an end next week...hard to believe.  In Allen, Texas when you participate in marching band at the high school, 2 a days start well before the school year actually does.  Grant, as a freshman, will start a couple of days before Garrett.  They will be outside for the first 3 hours, a one hour lunch break and then another 4 hours inside working on music.  We are praying that Grant has a good experience and that he makes some new friends...we had to "twist" his arm to get him to sign up...we think he won't regret it:)

Garrett is spending the week with his friend, Karl, in Utah.  We haven't heard much from him, so no news is good news:) 

Grant is seeing, first hand, what being an "only child" is all about.  Although it is quiet around here...he seems to enjoy the peace...or the ability to use the computer whenever he wants and having the TV all to himself in the gameroom isn't bad either:)

I continue to struggle to fill my days with meaningful activites.  In my dreams I have a meaningful career...not that being a mom isn't meaningful, it is the MOST meaningful thing I have ever done, I just see this day-in-day-out, kids constantly needing me, sitution coming to an end...If only I could have a heavenly vision of what I should do with the rest of my life...that would be so nice.  Instead, I pray and ponder and wonder and dream about what I could do that would be meaningful and doable in my little world...I hope to be a more diligent sub this year in the school district.  Special Ed still comes to my mind often...perhaps I can look into become certified in that...but it involves more schooling...ugh.  Just the thought of it makes me cringe...but then again...maybe it is time to come out of my comfort zone...I think I hear "Google" calling my name...Chao----