Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Brother's Keepers

Are we our brother's keepers? What is our responsibility towards those around us? Do we turn the other way and hope someone else will offer help when it is needed? Do we look for opportunities to make a difference in someones life? Do we ever think about making someones experience a little more pleasant in this life? Are we too overwhelmed with our own responsibilities and problems to look around and help a friend or a stranger? The world would certainly be a better place if we all took a little more responsibility for those who pass our way.

I was just with some dear friends who are great examples of this. There are numerous people wandering around who have been encouraged and uplifted by this sweet family. What a blessing they are to all who know them. Sometimes perhaps we think we have little or nothing to offer...laughter, TIME, advice, encouragement, wisdom, friendship and love are all free and can be life-changing when shared. I certainly hope that I can have a positive affect on someone. I am grateful for the many people who have made time for me in their busy are all an inspiration. Muchas Gracias!