Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Isn't it interesting how people can go literally years without speaking to each other, and then when they do catch up, they visit as if they had never missed a beat? That was the case in July when Bill and I stopped by to see Lorie Vunder Creek and her husband Chris, while we were on a trip in Utah. Lorie and I were the best of friends in high school. She was a year older than I and left for BYU right before my senior year of high school. I was heartbroken to lose my best friend. Our paths took us further and further apart. Hers included marriage and mine a mission and then marriage and then lives in different states. Although we have made some effort to stay in touch over the past 29 years...geez we're old!...we had never really sat and visited and taken the time to catch up. As we sat on their back patio and enjoyed their beautiful backyard, it occurred to me that I really had missed Lorie and her quick wit and genuine concern and love. It was fun getting to know her husband too. What an awesome life they have together. I think mine is pretty awesome too, so it was fun sharing our awesomeness :) The moral to the story?...Keep in touch with your friends. We have missed out on a lot of life's experiences...hopefully we will stay connected and actually share some of what life has to offer in the future.