Monday, May 4, 2009

Colombian Missionary Moments

Just a quick update from our favorite missionary, Elder Casper. I haven't posted in quite a while, so I have some catching up to do...William says the heat is getting better...I am pretty sure that means he is getting accustomed to it. When he enters a house, the people "rush" to get him a fan because he sweats so much! His farmer's tan is coming along and the members are now feeding them, so I don't think he has been sick. They are teaching a ton of investigators and already have some baptisms lined up. They are working with quite a few part member families, so they are busy getting everyone baptized and active. He sounds happy and loves the Colombian people already! Big surprise! He's loving the Latin elders who live with he and his companion...they all seem to have a good time together. We will talk to him on Mother's Day, so I will have more to report on Sunday! I can't wait. What a happy Mother's Day it will be...and I don't even care that I have to teach Relief Society that day! I just know that once church is over, I'm coming home, changing into comfy clothes, being served dinner and waiting patiently by the telephone! Oh happy day!

BYU Women's Conference and FRIENDS

I spent the past few days in Utah. It was a trip different from all other a good way. I am usually on my own schedule...being my usual "control freak". Being with Jennie Jenkins helped me let go a little...and it was good. Jennie flew through DFW on Wednesday and we took the same flight to SLC. That was really a nice start to our trip. We stayed at Jennie's sister-in-laws house in Highland. I dragged her to visit my friend Michelle, who also lives in Highland. Thursday and Friday were packed with upliflting classes and music. There is something special about thousands of women singing the always "moves" me. I learned a lot and was reminded of many things that I should be doing and maybe am not doing. Not a guilt trip or anything...really...just reminders to do a little better. I saw many friends that I hadn't seen in many years. One of the highlights of the trip was breakfast on Saturday morning with wonderful friends from our Married Student housing days! It was SO wonderful reconnecting...laughing and catching up. We were WAY overdue for a little reunion. I am blessed with wonderful friends! Thanks girls! I am home again and must admit that it is great to sleep in my BIG bed! I am question! I am very grateful for those sweet children who gave up their beds for me...thanks Rachelle and Ellorie!

Jennie Jenkins, Heather Kinard, Becky, Christine Sloan and Cindy Gaddis

Melanie Lipscomb and Becky at Women's Conference

Becky and Heather Kinard inside the Marriott Center

Jennie Jenkins and Becky outside the Marriott Center