Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blast from the Past

A short 29 years ago, Shauna Vander Meide (Swenson back then) and I were roommates at BYU...we lived in Stover Hall-Helaman Halls and had many great times together...we shared a love for Barry Manilow and a genuine appreciation for each other. We got along great and although Shauna was only at BYU for our freshman year, we have always tried to stay in touch, usually through yearly Christmas cards. She came to Dallas a couple of weeks ago with her husband, who had business here. (why else would anyone come to Dallas...I mean really?) Anyway, we sat in a comfy booth, sipping Diet Pepsi---wishing it were Diet Coke:(--and talked and talked. Picking up just where we had left off so many years ago...aren't friends a great thing? I am blessed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The back of the ship somewhere in the middle of the ocean...with the wind in our hair and not a care in the world :)

Outside our hotel with Biscayne Bay Miami Florida in the background.

I just returned from my annual "girl's weekend" with my bestest college friend Jennie. We typically head for a few days to Hilton Head, SC. This year I had the bright idea that a little cruise to the Bahamas would be fun...and it was...but, we both agreed that cruises are for couples. We enjoyed the sun, water, food, conversation, entertainment, etc, but we really missed our husbands. We sailed on the Norwegian Sky and loved sitting on the balcony of our room to read or chat...our time away from the responsibilities of motherhood is always rejuvenating...we saw a couple of old ladies standing on the sidewalk as we were leaving the ship...Jennie said, "there we are in 30 years, still doing our girl's weekends" :) I like this tradition and hope it does last another 30 years... Can I just say that I love my life...I have a lot to be grateful for, and this little get-away was evidence of my blessed life...thanks to my supportive husband.