Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I couldn't resist posting these. Grant loves to wrap up in his BYU blanket and William loved our new comfotable sofa bed (truly, if you pay enough, sleeping on a hide-a-bed can be enjoyable)except for the part when Smudge would wake him up every morning:)


I couldn't resist taking a picture of these donuts the last time I was in the Cougareat at BYU. "Y" shaped donuts??? And CoCo Puffs on a donut? Only at BYU:)

Another Temple I Love:)

The Manti Temple...Manti, Utah

A couple of our talented kids

I am so late in posting these things...story of my life:)
Garrett was cast as Father Christmas in Allen HS's Chronicles of Narnia The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. He did a great job!
Christine and Father Christmas:)
A couple of proud parents...
Garrett with his good friend Jake Metz
And then William was one of the cast members in Snow College's production of The Forgotten Carols. He played several parts and sang one of my favorite songs "Homeless". I was fortunate to fly up for one of his performances. I'd wished the entire family could have been there. It was wonderful!
Here he is as the father, a soldier, of the main character. (The Finale)


Every year Bill takes a trip with two long-time friends. He met Dirk Sandstrom while they were serving their missions in the San Bernardino Mission and James Jenkins was introduced to him by me:) Jennie and I were already friends and I obviously met James through Jennie. A great friendship was born. This year the rivalry game they went to was the Army Navy game in Washington, D.C. Bill enjoyed the game immensely but also loved seeing some of the sights that DC has to offer...his favorite was the Library of Congress. (The game was played the first weekend of December 2011.)
Hockey Game---they always try to squeeze as many sporting events as they can in the weekend:)
Top Row seats...some things never change...:)
Some of the Awesome US Army and Navy
The guys...It was cold.
This guy was crazy! (He didn't last the whole game)


It's raining here...and we may just have a drainage problem:)