Monday, April 20, 2009

Mangoes??? Who'd Have Guessed?

We received a great email from William today. I'd had a rather hectic day and after mowing the ever-living ginormous yard (whose idea was it to move???), I came into the house about 7:30pm and sat down at the computer to find the sweetest surprise! An email from Elder Casper. He is doing great...did eat a "bad" meal last Sunday, prepared by his comp. and spent the rest of the day barfing is guts out! Poor baby. They are being fed by the members now, so he's not been sick. William has never been much of a fruit eater...just mainly bananas and grapes. But he reports that he is eating lots of fruit and mangoes are his favorites! I about died! I didn't figure he would starve. Maybe he'll even start to like seafood since Cartagena is on the coast. He loves his ward and says the people are really good at helping him understand what they are saying. All is well down south! Life is good!