Friday, March 21, 2014

I am missing this young man! (and so is Bill) He is the center of our lives these days...being the only child at home:)  Certainly he is enjoying being out from under our ever watchful eyes.  He is on a cruise with his best friend, Kyle Steele and his family.  I've had a couple of dreams about him...most likely, he hasn't thought twice about home...I hope he's enjoying every minute! We did receive these two short messages from  Petrina...Grant's mom for the week. She is wonderful! He'll be home tomorrow night! Yay!

Hey Becky!
We are Cozumel and everything is going FANTASTIC!
Love to all!
we are at the grocery store in cozumel! Saw your facebook post and agree we should do a cruise together for sure!,
Everyone happy and healthy!
Love ya!