Wednesday, August 7, 2013

 We made it! Beautiful Eagle Lake in the Lassen National Forest in Northeastern California. This has been the location for "Shippendom" (the Shippen family reunion) for over 30 years!
It was a stinkin' long trek to get here, but it was so well worth the drive.  We will be going again in 2 years!
 This massive chart is the family genealogy of the back to the 1800's.  It's a challenge to keep it updated, but Aunt Vera does a great job.
 Here is our little corner of the chart...the Thomas and Ona Shippen family.
 We traveled the farthest...most of the family lives in the west...Idaho, Utah, California, Nevada and Colorado.  So yes, we win.
 Some of the family hanging out...One of the favorite past times around camp is visiting...just catching up with everyone.
 Kristie Cooper and Kathy Clark...sisters:)
 Aunt Vera couldn't make it to camp this year...she broke her back and is in a rehabilitation center. It was sad not having her there with us.  Family reunion is one of the highlights of her life.  She loves getting together with everyone and she puts many hours into planning and preparing for camp. We pray that she is all patched up and ready for camp in two years!  Here the family is talking to her on speaker phone...filling her in on the happenings at camp.
 Tom and his darling daughters Olivia and Savannah
 Nick, Rich and Tom Bushell...some dang cool guys.
 FHE at the Campfire...Terry is doing some stand up comedy here...He was great!
 Dogs love camp...this little cutie is Daisy.

 A trip to the marina for an ice cream...Yummo. that's a real camp meal:) The kids were thrilled.
 Spencer of the many handsome guys around camp.
 Sarah Bushell and Christine hung out a bit...she's a crack up!
 Disco/Daredevil David Shippen and his adorable new wife Heidi.
 Ali and her precious daughter Eliza.
 Drew Bushell...another cool kid, and the as well.
 Michelle came with her two daughters...this is Savannah.
 Another fun dog...those ears are a riot.
 T-shirt day...we had to represent!
 And this is...Rocco.  Christine is an animal magnet.
 Jim and his girlfriend Christin and her daughter Marissa.
 Grant and Nick did a fair amount of hanging out.
 Tommy and Stacey Bushell
 Tom Bushell did a little casting with his fly rod in the middle of camp...just practicing.
 One of my favorite cousins, Kristie.
 It's not uncommon to see people studying the family chart...just trying to figure it all out.  There are 7 generations represented here...roughly 372 people listed!
 Some puppy lovin'.
 We are ready for our final campfire...bittersweet.
 Rod and Kim Morris---we lived in the same student ward at BYU when William was a baby:)
 Christine in touch with her nature self...carving something out of a stick.
We had a fun Jeopardy night which included some great family trivia.  I was a contestant...on the far left...I started out great and then answered some questions wrong and lost some points...No, I didn't win.  But boy was it fun!
 As the three of us made our way up the coast of California, we spent a day in San Francisco.  It was a chilly, overcast day...not unlike the Bay Area.
 We really hoped to get tickets for Alcatraz Island, but were out of luck. It's a popular tourist attraction.  Maybe next time.  So we took a tour of the Bay. 
 Here we are just starting out...not really feeling the cold...yet.
 This shot of the city shows the fog, again, typical of San Francisco in the morning.
 And here you have the CRAZY hair!!! It was SO windy! I love Christine's hair sticking straight up!!!

 The beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.
 Something is super funny to Grant...he rarely smiles like this...I love it!
 We cruised passed Alcatraz...Spooky. Abandoned. Intriguing.
 Indians Welcome??? What? Strange.
 I.Love.Fish/Seafood.   My kids do not.  I have had some of the best seafood here...I was able to enjoy some great clam chowder...It was a chowder kind of a day:)

 Christine (the ice cream girl) and I shared a yummy sundae!

 We enjoyed some time at the Aquarium...The kids enjoy learning things...they get that from their dad:)
 What would a trip to San Fran be without a drive down Lombard Street? I had never been behind the wheel before...I had only been a passenger.  It was slightly nerve-wracking with all of the cars and pedestrians! But it was a fun time.

Christine is a SF Giants fan, so we went to a game at AT&T Park.  It was so much fun!!!
The park sits right on the of the coolest sports venues I have been to. As you can tell, the fog lifted and the day was beautiful.  Still a bit chilly though.
We sat in the top section and boy was I glad.  We had an amazing view!
I couldn't stop taking pictures.
Here I am perched on the top!
Grant said AT&T Park is the third most "Instagrammed" doubt.  It is awesome!